Responsive Security Officer Solutions:

The consultants with NATHAN SECURITY INC do a thorough evaluation of the facilities and the Security Officers who protect your facilities and employees. Our solution combines responsive security officers, specialized training, and the latest technology to provide a security program tailored to your specific needs and aligned with your culture.


Your Total Security Solution Will:

  • Enhance your brand
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Deliver tailored solutions
  • Anticipate, respond and adapt


A Customized Approach to Your Security :

We come to your site and with your security manager we create a solution that gives you peace of mind now and in the future. Your security program includes:

  • Local managers who anchor a team that’s familiar with your security needs.
  • Well-trained, professional security officers to monitor and patrol your facilities using the most effective methods and technologies.
  • Continuous reporting and evaluation of the effectiveness of your security program to guide your solution and provide service enhancements when needed.