About Our President & CEO

Mr. William Nathan is the owner and founder of the firm. He is a retired Police Officer, a former Marine and a Private Detective. He has operated several security companies and a private security agency. He has a private investigator license, security officer instructors license and a concealed carry license. He speaks and understands many languages. The employees of the firm are all experienced Police investigators, and retired military officers.

What We Do

We are a Global Physical Security Consulting Firm. We use both foreign and local experts for training and assessment. We design a one of a kind, state of the art security process to keep you and your products safe and secure. Our security experts advise you on unique security products and services, after diligently evaluating both internal and external threats to safety and security. We then train the security force accordingly. We are independent consultants and trainers. We do not sell or install equipment but will provide continuous support through consulting and training.

A Customized Approach to Your Security

We come to your site and with your security manager we create a solution that gives you peace of mind now and in the future. Your security program includes:

  • Local managers who anchor a team that’s familiar with your security needs.

  • Well-trained, professional security officers to monitor and patrol your facilities using the most effective methods and technologies

  • Industry Expertise— your unique needs and demands are understood and addressed through a solution designed by security experts in your individual business sector.

  • Continuous reporting and evaluation of the effectiveness of your security program to guide your solution and provide service enhancements when needed.

Provide Peace of Mind

Nathan Security Consultants are the industry’s premier provider of highly trained, responsive security personnel. We deliver exceptional security officer services at the local level with the benefit of a support network

Deliver Tailored Solutions

Customization— your security services solution is tailored to fit your company’s culture and your property’s needs, down to the smallest detail.

Enhance Your Brand

Rigorously screened and trained security officers protect your site.Professional, skilled officers reflect your company’s values.

Anticipate, Respond and Adapt

Your total security solution delivers continuous improvement and results.

Private Security Services to Protect Your Company and Property

It’s an unfortunate reality that in today’s unpredictable world, companies and their assets may become targets of threats. In these situations, NATHAN SECURITY CONSULTANTS CAN HELP YOU PROVIDE THE PROTECTION YOU NEED..

Our clients trust us to deliver the highest quality standards all day, every day at every location across all of the industries we serve. We do this through our tailored security solutions, highly trained officers, and integrated security strategy that includes the latest technology.

Tailored Security Solutions
NSC provides tailored solutions to fit your management culture and location’s needs, down to the smallest detail such as the right uniforms for the private security officers on your site. We start by understanding your specific needs, then building a private security solution that combines the right people, training, and technology to best protect your facilities.
Highly Trained Private Security Officers
Regardless of the environment, NSC’s security officers have the training and expertise to deal with any type of threatening situation. Upon hire, NSC security officers undergo extensive training specific to your site, so they are fully prepared to provide the protection you need.
Technology Combined With Private Security
Technology plays an important role in monitoring and patrolling your facilities. Our integrated security solutions provide our private security officers with easily accessible program-related information to keep your facilities safe and give you peace of mind. Learn more about the security services NATHAN SECURITY SERVICES provide.

From workplace violence issues relating to layoffs, terminations and disgruntled employees to dangerous or unstable environments for corporate travelers, we have the solutions and the experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs, Board of Directors and other corporate leaders.
NSC (NATHAN SECURITY CONSULTANTS) can provides a comprehensive Executive Protection consultation that helps you create security strategies and plans to deter and reduce threats. We will develop and implement an Executive Protection Program comprised of a number of specific services, which can include:

  • security surveys
  • escort services
  • deployment of armed agents
  • equipment coordination

Ideal candidates for your environment are identified through selective recruiting resources. A high aptitude for customer interaction is ensured through extensive testing and interviewing.Training and evaluation is ongoing and adaptable to meet your needs and expectations. At NSC(Nathan Security Consultants) the security officers receive training for entrance security, in addition to customer service courses, which are modeled on training used by four-star hotels and leading resorts.

Nathan Security Consultants patrol services are customized to meet your unique needs. Our patrol operations are available 24/7 to provide the continuous safety of your people and property. Our patrol personnel are trained to support you in a variety of ways:

Providing professional response to emergency situations

Providing safety and fire watch

Helping to promote a safe workplace environment

Performing set patrol services or random patrol patterns

Serving as stand-by for water leaks, power outages, special coverage needs

Conducting vehicle patrols, foot patrols, lock checks, interior and/or exterior checks and parking lot checks

At NATHAN SECURITY CONSULTANTS, security officers are taught visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By their presence alone the uniformed patrol officers can enhance the safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft. Our private security patrol officers are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary and to prevent problems before they start. Nathan Security Consultants has a wealth of experience in security patrol services. William Nathan is the academy’s leading facilitator.

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